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CAS#   :311-89-7

MF       :C12F27N

MW      :671.09

Item #  :AF14631

MDL #  :MFCD00000436


1、Product properties: Colorless and odorless transparent liquid, non combustible, heat stable, highly stable to various chemicals, with good lubricity and excellent dielectric property, non-toxic, non corrosive.

2、Technical indicators: 1. Boiling point: 165-185 ℃; 2.Specific gravity: 1.85-1.89 g / cm3 (25 ℃); 3. Breakdown voltage: ≥ 17 kV / mm

3、Application: 1. Corrosion resistance and isolation of instruments, transmission fluid;      2. Dielectric insulating fluid; 3. Chemical reaction stable diluent or special solvent,  reagent;  4. Heat conducting coolant, which can be used for transformers, especially  for small transformer oil in high-rise buildings; 5. Antioxidant lubricant; 6.  Fluorocarbon emulsion artificial blood; 7. Leakage detection fluid for electronic  components and devices.

4、Packaging, storage and transportation: 1. Non dangerous goods should be sealed and kept  away from sunlight; 2.5L/barrel,cardboard box.

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