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China prepares fluorine-containing low-dielectric transparent CPI film

The preparation of the CPI film is mainly to introduce the meta-substitution structure and trifluoromethyl group into the polymer molecular chain at the same time. The transparent film was prepared by a two-step method, and fluorine-free comparative reference films were prepared using p-phenylenediamine(p-PDA), m-phenylenediamine (m-PDA) and 6FDA respectively.

The research results show that the thickness of the prepared CPI film is about 30um and has good light transmittance. The haze of the film is 0.31, and it is close to colorless. It also has good dielectric properties and can remain stable at temperatures up to 280 degrees. Its water absorption rate is about 0.51%, which helps to maintain the stability of the material's low dielectric properties in different humid environments.

In addition, the film also has good heat resistance stability and mechanical properties, and good solubility, so it can use simple and low-cost solution processing methods and continuous roll-to-roll technology.


4-Cyano-2-fluorobenzoic acid, CAS:164149-28-4

2,4-Dichloro-3-cyano-5-fluorobenzoic acid, CAS:117528-58-2

2-Chloro-5-(trifluoromethyl)benzoic acid, CAS: 657-06-7

2,3-Difluoro-4-hydroxybenzoic acid, CAS: 175968-39-5

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